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Social Responsibility

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What is Social Responsibility?

This is the responsibility an organization has for the impact of its decisions, activities and products in society and on the environment, through an ethical and transparent behaviour which is consistent with sustainable development and society’s well-being; takes into account the expectations of interested parties; conforms to existing legislation and is consistent with international norms for conduct in a way which is consistently integrated in the organization. (Adapted from ISO 26000/WD2 26000).


Social Responsibility Policy

First Consulting Entity: Certified by NP 4469-1:2008 – Social Responsibility Management SystemLearn more.

Personal, Familial and Professional Life Conciliation Program:

  • The collaborator has a right not to work on their birthday as well as their children’s birthday;
  • Following a suggestion on the collaborators’ part, Qualitividade has set up a kitchen and meal area so as to avoid geographically dislocated collaborators needing to frequently have their meals in restoration establishments;
  • Qualitividade took on the overtax on the Christmas subsidy (2011);
  • Development of collective and individual coaching actions, so as to stimulate personal and professional development;


Incentive for Academic and Professional Training.

Important celebrationsso as to foster collaborators’ sense of belonging and their sense of motivation in and engagement with the organization:

  • Celebration of the Company Day, through activities directed towards the formation of group belonging and team spirit, without neglecting leisure;
  • Celebration of Christimas, through a dinner among all collaborators.

Incentive for the participation of collaborators:

  • Internal blog with participation open to all collaborators;
  • Development of internal projects (for instance: in the organization and cleaning of the offices; in the rationalization of resources).


When the Training Needs Diagnosis is performed with clients, we do not neglect the topics of Gender Equality and Equal Opportunities. Therefore, through its highly qualified trainers, Qualitividade has an extensive experience in the development of:

  • Gender Equality courses;
  • Equal Opportunities courses;
  • It is at this moment a training and consulting entity with various organisms (City Halls, IPSS and companies) for the development of projects in the area of Gender Equality through Plans for Gender Equality.

  • Other significant aspects:

    • Company with a lot of female participation (over 90 percent);
    • Company with female leaders.